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A staple in the JConcepts product line, the Punisher body shell design, started its time in the off-road division during the 2010 racing season. Over the course of a decade, the design team along with the racers have helped push the envelope and re-invent the Punisher along the way. The P2 design arrived just in time for the IFMAR Worlds in 2017 where the team tested and confirmed performance characteristics on the Xiamen, China track surface. Now, the P2 is available for the latest vehicle in the Team Associated product line, the RC10B7.

While track conditions around the world develop, the P2 started to gain steam. In the hands of ace drivers Spencer Rivkin (2019 IFMAR World Champion), Dakotah Phend (3x ROAR 2wd National Champion) the JConcepts body developed a reputation as the go-to design for dirt surfaces ranging from low to high-traction. The versatility of the P2, providing grip when its needed, dimensional stability at the right time, and a tuning aid together with front and rear wing options available separately from JConcepts remained in a dominating 2wd buggy aero package.

The channeling concept of the P2 body begins in the front with a forward based windshield which is heavily recessed with vertical railing. The continuation of the design flows over the cockpit, digs deep into the rear section where it re-appears to a double winglet placed just in front of the rear tires in the horizontal plane. The identifiable feature which debuted in 2010, the center fin is present on the world championship winning shell design and runs most of the complete length from cab to the rear shocks.

The dual windows of the P2 gives a hint of JConcepts lineage dating back to the original Illuzion body. The side pods are heavily chamfered, made popular with original #gojconcepts designed body shells going back as far as the early 2000’s. In front of the windshield, a deflection shield begins air flow in the front-end lining up with front shock tower geometry. The high-performance item has protection and surrounds the RC10B7 spur gear guard like a glove.

The championship winning item includes two of the 6.5” Carpet | Turf | Dirt wing which is now a standard racing item around the world. The body includes all trim and window lines scribed on the body and masks to quickly cover the inside of the windows for user generated painting technique. The P2 photo car is just an example of what is possible when it comes to custom painting and art performed (not included) around the world. The vivid orange and yellow stunner are painted by Kustom RC Graphics for JConcepts and is a replica of a race scheme developed by Evan Vail.

The body arrives as clear polycarbonate with protective film and is available in standard and lightweight formed thickness. A popular and versatile JConcepts decal sheet is included to decorate the new shell to the choice of the customer while a simple instruction sheet covers the basics for new or inexperienced painters. The shells with wings are packaged with care in Groveland, Florida, stapled and labeled by professionals for customers seeking a high-end option.

The JConcepts team builds, tests, and travels the world to support the brand and gather valuable driver feedback in search of the best appearing and performance items on the market. The product is designed and formed in the U.S.A. and always backed by JConcepts customer service, supported, and developed by professionals with style. Look for reputable dealers and distributors and demand authentic products – choose JConcepts.


  • Original – JConcepts P2 design
  • Clear polycarbonate material available in standard and lightweight thickness
  • Tight profile, follows chassis perimeter
  • Slim nose, fits over top deck and under shock tower
  • Front deflection shield at base of windshield
  • Aggressive cab positioning with complete channeling
  • Center fin stabilizer as prototyped in 2010
  • Rear winglets to increase forward tracking ability
  • Dual window, heritage treatment
  • Body covers spur gear guard for protection
  • Advanced body chamfering details
  • Broad rear mounting ledge for security
  • Includes two, 6.5” Carpet | Turf | Dirt wings
  • Window masks and decal sheet included
  • (Fits – Team Associated RC10B7 | RC10B7D)